Working dog


Knuckling down, loyal, and working like a dog describes the Working dog brand. we are inventive, provocative and engaging. Design for brands, publications, and people. Illustrations and Photography for the love and creative nature


James Kelly

I have finished my degree in design, majoring in visual communication at Ara Institute in Christchurch, New Zealand. From here I have taken the leap and am working in freelance design.

I balance my day job with personal creative work, like photography and illustration which has moved into exhibition work, both at my local studio The Corner Store, and also CoCa Gallery. Whilst constantly researching and keeping to my graphic design roots.

My creative approach is to treat my work as a problem solving equation, finding the little details and Ideas to drive and connect people.

I have now built my own brand of Working dog to not only show my work ethic, but also have a platform I can build and show others as well. A forum I can sell myself.

I offer Graphic design work, Branding, Advertising, Product design, Web design, Illustration and photography to help get your message out.





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